Storyville Preschool is a bright, colorful building, custom designed and dedicated to the creative and intellectual development of preschool children.

Each of our spacious classrooms is equipped to encourage each child's imagination with murals of favorite children's stories on the walls, hands-on activities and educational materials and resources.
Storyville Preschool is located on a peaceful residential street in Watertown, Massachusetts, just minutes from the Mass Pike Newton/Watertown exit.

Storyville Preschool offers weekly gymnastics on the tumble bus, music and creative movement classes, Spanish lesson and a monthly storyteller, gym classes and more.  Storyville frequently offers special shows such as animal shows, puppet shows or magic shows.  During the summer months we enjoy field trips and weekly swim lessons.  Storyville has a front and back playground and neighborhood parks that are within walking distance.
Facility and Features