Toddler Curriculum
Toddler curriculum is focused on hands-on activities. Young children learn best by doing, exploring, and repeating activities. Toddlers love to get messy and experiment with new materials. Our toddler projects are focused on the process, not the product. Each child will be able to create his/her own masterpiece and have control of how that activity is performed.

Toddlers are full of energy, so their physical development is an important part of our curriculum. They will have fun rolling, throwing and catching balls, dancing and moving to music, jumping, climbing, running, pushing and pulling toys, digging in the sandbox, playing with the water table, and more! They will also work on small motor skills such as scribbling on paper using crayons, painting, turning pages in board books, putting together simple puzzles, sorting shapes, building with blocks, and investigating the many toys and manipulatives in their classroom.

Storyville teachers work with toddlers to help them learn important self-help skills such as using buttons, snaps and zippers when dressing. Toddlers are eager to feed themselves, so Storyville teachers will help the children learn to use a spoon or fork when eating. The Teachers also help parents with toilet training when their toddler is ready to start. Teachers will consider each child’s developmental level when deciding which skills to focus on.

Storyville teachers will help the toddlers engage in play with their classmates, and facilitate peaceful solutions when conflicts arise. The children have many opportunities to play together, such as in our dramatic play kitchen area. Toddlers with limited verbal ability may use physical actions to get what they want, so teachers are trained to help toddlers find a solution to frustrating situations and redirect the toddler to something else that interests him/her.

Extra-curricular activities

Our Toddler classes take part in many of Storyville’s extra-curricular activities! These activities include a weekly gym class, bi-weekly creative movement class, a monthly storyteller, Spanish lessons, puppet shows, carriage walks in the neighborhood, and much more. In the summer, the children will enjoy water play, bubble fun, arts and crafts, observing and exploring nature, and many hands-on experiments and projects.