Letters from Storyville Parents
"Storyville has been the BEST thing to happen to us and Ryan. I am literally blown away by the school, the staff, everything...His teachers are so caring and loving. They tell me all about his day when I come to pick him up as if he were the only kid in his room. They know everything! They are truly amazing people. We really couldn't be happier. Our one regret was not finding you sooner!!!"

Kristen Walsh, Newton MA
"Storyville has an excellent program with a caring/attentive/nurturing staff of very high caliber. Their facility is top notch and very well maintained and clean with a wide variety of resources to aid in the children's development. Special activities are frequent, wel" organized and well executed and of reasonable cost. All in all, Storyville is a great program run by wonderful people.

Our daughter has been at Storyville for almost a year now and she enjoys her days there very much. A great deal of her growth and development in that time can be attributed to the loving efforts of the excellent staff. Their dedication to the children, combined with their extraordinary skills, is clearly evident in the joy on the faces of the kids at the end of the day. Storyville's academic curriculum along with play time, the emphasis on manners and cooperation among the children and the many special activities (storytellers, music, tumble bus, class trips, etc.) really helps the kids bloom."

Greg Lyons, Allston, MA
"Storyville was an amazing place for Trisha to grow in her formative years (2-4). My son Korak and daughter Trisha found a great home in the Storyville community when we moved from Florida to Boston in June 2007. Trisha loved every moment here. The teachers here are simply the best. My son had a great couple of months here in the summer of 2007."

Kuntal Sengupta, Belmont, MA
"When our son Ben started going to Storyville Preschool last September, my husband and I were extremely worried: back in Gernany, Ben had hated preschool. Every single morning he told us that he did not want to go there, and every single morning he cried when we dropped him off. As if this was not bad enough, he now had to cope with an entirely new language, new kids, and a new environment: frankly, we expected a disaster.

But it did not happen because at Storyville Preschool Ben met Miss. Cyndi. I do not know how she worked this miracle, but after only two days Ben did not need my company anymore. And after a certain while he even stopped crying when I left him with her. From the very first moment Ben seemed to entirely trust Cyndi and confide in her. During my absence, her hand became just as good as mine to caress and soothe him.

Cyndi talks to me every day about how Ben has been doing. She is always cooperative and willing to answer all my questions or to address any concerns. Ben now loves going to preschool - you should see the big smile that brightens his face as soon as he sees his favorite teacher!

Cyndi is not only enthusiastic and encouraging but also warmhearted, kind, and affectionate. Our son Ben is very much attached to her. And, mind you, you cannot fool these wise little people: obviously, Cyndi is not only a great guide and teacher but she must also be a wonderful person."

Christine Schumann, Watertown, MA
"Nate is a very social, outgoing child, and Storyville has given him the outlet he needs to sharpen his social skills. He really looks forward to going to school and comes home excited about his days activities. He loves his teachers and especially loves Wednesdays on the Tumble Bus. Thanks, Storyville for making Nate's first school experience such a gratifying and fun one!"

Suzanne Chandler, Newton, MA
"Storyville has been such a great experience for both my son and myself. The staff are the best in the business! My son looks forward every day to going to Storyville Preschool. I simply don't have enough room to say enough great things about Storyville Preschool! We are both so very happy and lucky to have found this preschool!"

Paula Hokkanen, Dorchester, MA
"Ms. Carmen and Ms. Dee Dee of the kindergarten class are terrific teachers. Our daughter has made great progress (both social and academic) since she attended the school last year. Parents can talk to the teachers every day. We don't need to wait for teacher - parent conferences to find out how our child is doing. The variety of learning activities at Storyville Preschool is so impressive!"

Lin Guo and Liang Tang, Watertown, MA
"John has entered a challenging and nurturing environment at Storyville. The staff are familiar with my family and the center provides my family with love, support, and the intimacy of a small school experience. We have tried the large corporate centers and are fortunate to have found Storyville, where we feel safe, comfortable and cared for."

Karen Marchant, Watertown, MA
"Its wonderful to drop your child off when they are excited to be at the school, and even better to see them still happy and busy when you pick them up!"

Maria Cole, Watertown, MA
"The teachers at Storyville are amazing. Ryan's confidence and skills have grown significantly this year. He loves to go to school each day. I'm so happy we found Storyville and only wish we had discovered it sooner."

Holly Pacis, Watertown, MA
"The teachers provide a nurturing environment, and projects that get kids excited about learning. The office staff is flexible and works together with families to meet individual needs. Most important, my child wakes up each morning excited to go to school. We couldn't be happier!"

Sarah Cronin, Boston, MA
"Owen has thrived at Storyville. His teachers have done an amazing job adapting to his learning style so that he's successful. I think he'll be at an advantage going into kindergarten as a result of his time at Storyville. Thank you!"

Brandy Newlon, West Newton, MA
"We are so happy that our child is attending Storyville Preschool. We love this school!"

Cristo and Irene Angelov, Wayland, MA
"Storyville Preschool was a place where my daughter grew to learn what a school environment will be like. Her teachers are so loving to her as to their own kids. Storyville is a wonderful place to grow up in."

Jannette Ortiz, Peabody, MA
"Every parent wants their child to be happy and safe at school. At Storyville our son is constantly learning and improving his skills. The teachers are responsive, and our son is thriving and happy and actually enjoys going to school."

Esther Vazquez De Homsi, Watertown, MA
"Storyville is so welcoming. My daughter's classroom is such a community."

Nicole Franchi, Waltham, MA
"Storyville has been a wonderful place for our daughter to learn. The teachers and staff are the best there is."

Sophia Papoutsis, Newton, MA
"Storyville has helped my daughter Cynthia become a very different girl.
She is now an active and sociable little girl who looks forward to her day at school. She rushes mom out the door each day because she is so eager to go to school."

Angela Garcia, Watertown, MA
"Since starting in September, our daughter has learned so much being a part of the Pre-K / Kindergarten class. She loves coming to school and has progressed so much in her writing, and has letter and number recognition skills, in just the two days she comes. The environment is so welcoming and her teachers and the Directors have been so warm and helped her feel comfortable somewhere new."

Alexia McAuley, Waltham, MA
"We have had a great experience having all 3 girls attend Storyville.They have made lasting friendships, and so have we. Storyville teachers, students, and families make up a warm and welcome community that we are grateful to have been a part of over the past 7 years."

Nicole and Sean O'Hern, Watertown, MA