"Gina regularly tells us how much she loves her school. She is excited on the way there every morning."

Moya Hynes, parent
Brighton, MA
"Storyville is a place where teachers make authentic personal connections with each child. My daughter comes home each day feeling safe and loved. The learning experiences have been meaningful, and it is clear that curriculum is planned to engage and encourage the interests of the class. We couldn’t be happier!"

Sarah Cronin, parent
Boston, MA
One hundred years from now it will not matter
What my bank account was
The sort of house I lived in
Or the kind of car I drove
But the world may be better
because I made a difference
In the life of a child.
   Every parent wants the best for their child. At Storyville Preschool, your child will receive just that: a comprehensive NAEYC accredited program led by teachers who are well educated and dedicated professionals. Our low turnover rate speaks volumes as to what makes Storyville so special. Our teachers are like family, and they lovingly give our children the best education and a love of learning that will follow them for a lifetime.
   Storyville Preschool is one of the only  NAEYC  accredited Preschools in the area.
We are proud of our Storyville kids!
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At Storyville Preschool our best references are our children's parents!
"My twins had a great experience at Storyville. They learned, they played, and they grew. I knew the curriculum was working when my boy, barely five years old, could recite the names of all planets. The staff is great. They really got to know my kids and they helped them every day. There is  virtually no staff turnover. That tells you a lot  about Storyville. My twins are now in kindergarten and they are doing great. I give a lot of credit to Storyville and its staff."

Jeff Krasner, parent
Watertown, MA
"I cannot begin to express how thankful and proud we are of the Storyville staff. It is amazing to think back at our daughter's first day of school and the development our daughter  has achieved along the way. The level of professionalism within the Storyville staff is bar none.  It's amazing to see how excited our daughter gets in the morning to spend the day at Storyville with her friends and all the teachers. As our daughter transitions to kindergarten, we are confident the Storyville staff has done its job and prepared our daughter for what education will bring her moving forward. I would highly recommend Storyville at all my family and friends."

Jeremy Souza, parent
Watertown, MA
Storyville Preschool is
NAEYC Accredited
National  Association
for the  Education
of Young  Children
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Meet our dedicated staff and see for yourself why Storyville is ranked
through NAEYC and QRIS as such an outstanding program.

**Storyville has a Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and two toddler classrooms. Storyville Preschool accommodates children ages 15 months to age 7. Our program is year-round, including a fun summer program that is also open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.**
**Parents can choose the schedule that best fits their needs, with part-time options of two to five days per week. A part-time day is 5 hours or less, and a full-time day is over 5 hours per day, using any hours during our hours of operation. Parent can create the schedule that works best for their family.**
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** Storyville Preschool is enrolling for 2021. **

We offer rolling admissions, which means your child can enter at any time during the year, space permitting. Storyville caters to the working parent, and we offer flexible schedule options, year round.  Storyville is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Monday through Friday, and only closes for major holidays.
Interested families please submit your enrollment application as soon as possible. Space is limited and children will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Don't miss the chance to give your child the most amazing preschool experience at Storyville Preschool.
    Storyville Preschool has been one of Watertown's favorite Preschools for more than 20 years. Most of our staff has been with Storyville for more than a decade. We love all of our Storyville kids and families, and look forward to many more years serving Watertown and the surrounding communities.
20 Years Ago at Storyville Preschool
20 Years Ago at Storyville Preschool

Storyville Preschool is proud to announce our 4th reaccreditation! NAEYC accredited programs must meet the highest quality standards, and Storyville Preschool has consistently done this for the past 20 years! We are proud of our outstanding program and our amazing staff, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best education and care for the children in our community. Congratulations to Storyville Preschool for this awesome achievement!!!

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Storyville has rolling admissions.